Maria - 1. Kind/1st Child

Marie Thiesenhusen, das älteste Kind von Wilhelm und Elisabeth, heiratete 1865 George William Wollmer. Ihre Kinder sind William, George und Mary. Die Erwachsenen in der Mitte sind Mary Thiesenhusen Wollmer, George Wollmer und Adolph oder Ferdinand (?) Wollmer (Georges Bruder). Ihr Bauernhof befand sich in der National Avenue in Greenfield, Wisconsin. Das Foto ist von 1885.

Marie Thiesenhusen, oldest child of Wilhelm and Elisabeth, married George William Wollmer in 1865. Their children are William, George , and Mary. The adults in the center of the photo are: Mary Thiesenhusen Wollmer, George Wollmer, and Adolph or Ferdinand (?) Wollmer (George’s brothers). Their farm was on National Avenue in Greenfield, Wisconsin. The photo is a tintype from about 1885.
Maria Thiessenhusen und William Wollmer, Hochzeitsbekanntmachung vom 24. August 1864: Maria Thiessenhusen und William Wollmer heirateten in der St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, 1214 South 8th Street, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
(Beachte die falsche Schreibung von “Wollmer.”)

Maria Thiessenhusen and William Wollmer,
Wedding Citation, 24 August 1864: Maria Thiessenhusen and William Wollmer married at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, 1214 South 8th Street, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
(Notice the mispelling of “Wollmer.”)
Greenfield Township, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin - Karte von 1876:
Der Bauernhof der Familie von Peter N. Wollmer befindet sich in Sektion 8 (gleich östlich der Kreuzung der heutigen Oklahoma Avenue und National Avenue). Peter N. Wollmer ist Marie Thiesenhusen Wollmers Schwiegervater.
Beachte auch den Wm. Woodcock Hof in Section 19, den M. Zingsheim Hof in Section 20, J. Kneser Hof in Section 24 und den F. Kroeppelien Hof in Section 27.

Greenfield Township, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin - Map 1876:
The Peter N. Wollmer family farm is in section 8 (this is just east of the juncture of Oklahoma Avenue and National Avenue now). Peter N. Wollmer is Marie Thiesenhusen Wollmer’s father-in-law.

Notice also the Wm. Woodcock farm in section 19, the M. Zingsheim farm in section 20, J. Kneser farm in section 24, and the F. Kroeppelien farm in section 27.

William - 2. Kind/2nd Child

William Thiesenhusen, das mittlere Kind von Wilhelm und Elisabeth Flägel Thiesenhusen, heiratete am 7. April 1880 Henricka Garbe, die Tochter von Carl und Anna Kruth Garbe, in Waterford, Racine County, Wisconsin.
Auf der Rückseite des Fotos sind Name und Adresse des Fotografen vermerkt: Louis Hagendorff, 164-6 Reed Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

William Thiesenhusen, the middle child of Wilhelm and Elisabeth Flägel Thiesenhusen, married Henricka Garbe, daughter of Carl and Anna Kruth Garbe, in Waterford, Racine County, Wisconsin on 7 April 1880.
The back of photo shows the photographer’s name and address: Louis Hagendorff, 164-6 Reed Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Ricka Garbe war ungefähr 11 Jahre alt als dieses Foto gemacht wurde. Sie steht hinten in der Mitte. Rechts von ihr ist ihre Mutter Anna.
Carl und Anna Kruth Garbe hatten 8 Kinder; 6 sind auf diesem Foto, das 1871 gemacht wurde. Die Familie lebte in Raymond, Racine County, Wisconsin.

Ricka Garbe was about 11 years old when this photo was taken with her family. She is standing in the back center; right of her mother, Anna.
The Carl and Anna Kruth Garbe had eight children; six are shown in this photo taken in 1871.
They lived in Raymond, Racine County, Wisconsin.
William und Rickas Trauung wurde von Rev. Frederick Schneider, St. Peter’s German Lutheran Church in Waterford, Wisconsin, vollzogen. (Die Originalkirche wurde dem Erdboden gleichgemacht und neu gebaut.)
Beachte: Der name der Braut wurde in diesem Register mit “Friedericke” anstatt ihres Taufnamens “Henricke” vermerkt. Ihre Mutter war “Maria Sophia Elisabeth Flägel Thiessenhusen” , aber sie wird hier fälschlicherweise “Louise” genannt.
Die Trauzeugen sind Heinrich Stuhr, Rickas Onkel und Carl Thiessenhusen, Williams Onkel.

William and Ricka’s wedding was performed by Rev. Frederick Schneider of the St. Peter’s German Lutheran Church in Waterford, Wisconsin. (The original church was razed and rebuilt.)
Note: The bride’s name is recorded in this civil record of the wedding as “Friedericke” instead of her baptized name, “Henricke.” Her mother was “Maria Sophia Elisabeth Flägel Thiessenhusen,” but she is named here as “Louise” in error.
The witnesses are Heinrich Stuhr, Ricka’s uncle, and Carl Thiessenhusen, William’s uncle.
A permit to emigrate was needed to go to North America. This document was prepared by the Mecklenburg-Schwerin Ministry of the Interior on 6 July 1872 in Doberan. It names all members of the Carl Joachim Heinrich Garbe family, and two other individuals, in three groups. They planned to leave on 1 August 1872.
Maria Elisabeth Henricka “Ricka” Garbe, born 22 January 1862, is listed as the second person in group “a.”
She became William Thiesenhusen’s wife.
Marie Kruth in group “b” is Anna Kruth Garbe’s sister, future wife of Carl Garbe’s brother Johann Joachim Heinrich Garbe.
The second column lists the head of the three groups:
“Group a:” daylaborer, Carl Joachim Heinrich Garbe, 41 years old.
Farther down in the column it states that the “groups a. & b.” came from Brussow.
The first column states that they are going to America, and names the dependants and their ages.

The person in “group b:” is Marie Fredericke Kruth, the sister of Carl Garbe’s wife, Anna.
This is a model of the farm house purchased by J. J. Heinrich Garbe in 1868. The original home was a log cabin (the middle section). After he died, his widow Maria and his son Henry continued to lived in the house.
William Thiesenhusen and Ricka Garbe (J.J.Heinrich Garbe’s niece) lived in the house with Maria and Henry after they married on April 10, 1880. They greatly expanded the home, adding the wing with the covered porch. Their children, Ella b.1881, William b.1882, Mandy b. 1884, and Linda b.1886 Thiesenhusen were all probably born there.
In 1887, William and Ricka bought their own farm from the Weber family. It had a stone house with 40 acres of land and was located on Small Road in New Berlin.
Henry Garbe continued to run the Garbe farm.

Richard Garbe drew the plans and his parents Hub and Lucille Garbe built this model.
William Thiesenhusen Family
Wisconsin State Census, New Berlin, 1885:
“Wm. Tesenhausen” (sic) household - three males and four females; four born in the United States and three born in Germany. – This census record identifies: William and Ricka Thiesenhusen; their three children Ella, William, and Amanda; and Marie Garbe and her son Henry, who were living together in the Garbe log cabin on Calhoun Road. (Their neighbors included the Mat Beres and George Boyd families.)
William and Ricka Thiesenhusen and family lived in this stone house on Small Road, New Berlin, Waukesha County, Wisconsin after 1887. It was probably built about 1860 or earlier. Three Thiesenhusen children, Ed b.1888, Meta b. 1890, and Rudy b. 1893, were all probably born here. This photo shows what remained of the stone house in 2001.
The original land that Wilhelm and Elisabeth Thiessenhusen (William’s parents) owned ( 1853 –1863) was in sections 14 and 23 just south of the National Avenue and Coffee Road juncture according to early plat maps. (Highlighted in blue on this later, 1891 plat map.)
William and Ricka and family lived on the Johann Joachim Heinrich (Henry) Garbe farm in section 33 from about 1880 to 1887.
William Thiesenhusen purchased his own 60 acre farm in sections 33 & 34 in 1887. (His land is identified by name on this map and highlighted in yellow.)

William and Ricka Thiesenhusen lived in the stone house on the north side of the Small Road from about 1887 to 1895. They built a new farm house on the south side of Small Road about 1895. Later land purchases increased the size of their farm in New Berlin and Muskego
William Thiesenhusen Farm House, New Berlin, Wisconsin: The “new” Thiesenhusen farm house was built about 1895. Four children, Gussie b. 1896, Arthur b. 1898, Clara b. 1900, and Orville b. 1902, were all born here.

Carl - 3. Kind/3rd Child

Baptism of Carl “Charlie” Thiesenhusen
New Berlin, Wisconsin, 1857

| [baptism #] 25) | 1 June 1857 | [birthdate] 13 April | [child] Carl Johann Heinrich “Charlie” Thiesenhusen | [father] Wilhelm Thiessenhusen | [mother] Elisabeth Marie Sophie née Flägel | [sponsor] Carl Johann Thiessenhusen – (Wilhelm’s brother from Milwaukee was Charlie’s namesake and sponsor.)
Charlie Thiessenhusen was Wilhelm and Elisabeth’s youngest child; their only child born in America.
This record is from the New Berlin E&R Church on Racine Avenue, Waukesha County, Wisconsin. The format is identical to the early church records in Mecklenburg, Germany.
Charlie Thiesenhusen, also known as “Carl” and “Charles,” was born in America. His sister Marie and brother William were born in Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

Charlie did not marry. He was a land owner in New Berlin and Muskego Townships. His farm, which was just west of his brother William’s farm, passed to his nephew William after he died. He always lived on his brother William’s farm.
“Uncle Charlie” showing his horse and buggy in New Berlin, Wisconsin.
Photo from the early 1920s.